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Work with us on accessible tourism

Tour operators often get a sense of helplessness when it comes to adapting their offer for persons with disabilities, but  we are here to help you with making your offer attractive for this group of people.

There are about 15% of the world’s population, who have special needs, and this group of people is one of the most neglected groups in tourist activities. Persons with special needs, like most people, usually traveling with companions, family, friends, which adds an important number to 15% of people with special needs.

In the European Union only there is around 120 million people, interested in accessible tourism, so dealing with this topic and find problems that arise and solutions for them also pays for all, both in social as well as personal, individual level.

Adapting tourist offer for all is important both at the individual level as well as at the level of society as a whole. It is important for the realization of human rights, greater social inclusion, to reduce disparities between different groups of people, in addition to creating greater economic prosperity and creating jobs.

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