About us

We aCouplere a small business with the seat of our company on the Istrian peninsula which is located in the north-eastern Adriatic Sea. Throughout the history this region has been under many countries and it is even today divided by two borderlines. It is therefore common in this area to find people which speak a few languages and have an understanding of several different cultures. In the network of guides, with whom we collaborate, we therefore have English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian speaking guides. We care to work with those guides who are friendly, professional and reliable.

The company is run by a couple. During the years of study we have become involved in the tourism and hospitality business and with years passing we have got ever more specialised in this field. We have a lot of working experience in the hotel front office. We have later specialised especially in two topics: tour guiding and accessible tourism. This internet site is dedicated to the tourist guide service.

We try our best to have a professional yet friendly attitude toward our guests. It is not just work for us, but it is a way of living. We also perceive hospitality as an opportunity for our region especially if managed in a sustainable manner. It could change our communities for the better. Because of all of the above mentioned you are very welcome to get in touch with us.


The seat of our company is located in Izola, Slovenia